Mexico land

Mexico land:                                                                                                      The land rises a mile in some places. Snowy peaks surround the plateau. Mountainsides covered in forests slope down to meet rolling hills to flat ground called plains. Past the plains, Sandy  beaches plus wetlands line the coasts. The Baja California peninsula is in the Northwest, and it goes for a long time without rain. In northern Mexico deep canyons and rocky deserts cover much of the land. It is hotter in the south and there are tropical rain forests. In Mexico there are some cacti. Mexico is hot.


This is a post about jaguars. Jaguars scrape there claws agents trees to keep their claws sharp. Jaguars can climb up really high up on trees. How? That is a good question. Jaguars make there claws sharp and then they can climb trees. Isn’t that cool! Jaguars live in jungles/forests. Jaguars when they are in the jungle/ forest they like to go swimming in ponds and swamps. Jaguars like to hunt in the night because they have really good eye-sight. do you have as good eye-sight as them? Know you do not because they probably have 10 times more then you do you wish you had really good eye-sight like them? Well I sure do.


An anaconda stays by the water in and out every day except for when it is hunting. When an anaconda hunts it opens its lower jaw to swallow stuff hole!    When an anaconda finds food to eat the prey fights back but the anaconda has quick reflexes. When an anaconda is hunting it doesn’t know that someone could be hunting it.An anaconda will eat anything it finds. when an anaconda is hunting it squeezes its prey to kill it. Anacondas are awesome!